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Primary Mission:

Jonah Speaks is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to finding and advocating nonviolent and less costly substitutes for both conventional and nuclear war. The problem of how to prevent war, or to reduce the violence and damage which results from war, has vexed humanity for centuries. This problem has been made more urgent because of the invention of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. Jonah Speaks addresses this problem by finding substitutes for war.

The near-term goal of Jonah Speaks is to advocate substituting the less-violent procedure of evacuations in place of the more-violent procedure of nuclear bombings. To make this less-violent procedure effective, the nations of the world must negotiate the necessary treaties and pay for the needed international inspectors, monitors, and troops, that go along with the procedure. The longer term goal of Jonah Speaks is to find nonviolent and less costly substitutes for all forms of warfare.


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