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Evacuations Instead of Nuclear War

Evacuations Instead of Nuclear War:

A new, less-violent procedure for using nuclear weapons is to give a city "fair warning" before bombing, allow the city time to evacuate, and then not bomb the evacuated city. Using evacuations, rather than nuclear bombings, significantly reduces the potential damage from nuclear war. This allows nuclear nations to conduct a nonviolent nuclear war that neither kills people nor destroys property.

Nuclear weapons are best used coercively, to evacuate cities, rather than actually, to bomb cities or other targets. After a diplomatic solution is reached that resolves the war, people may return to the evacuated cities. Various international institutions and treaties are highly desirable, and perhaps crucial, to ensure that this evacuation procedure works properly and effectively.

Table of Contents:

I. Evacuations versus Bombings
Conditional Use of Nuclear Weapons.
Cold War Deterrence Doctrine.
Two Nuclear Powers at War.
Economic Analysis of Maximum Evacuations.
Money Substitutes for Evacuation.
Conditions Worse Than Evacuation.
Rationality of Small Probability.
Irrationality Creates Credibility.
Individual Incentives to Evacuate.
National Incentives to Evacuate.

II. International Institutions for Implementation
Treaties among Nations.
International Troops and Fees.
Virtual Nuclear Weapons.
Limits on Use of Virtual Nuclear Weapons.
Limits on Possession of Virtual Nuclear Weapons.
Limits on Possession of Actual Nuclear Weapons.
Realistic Nuclear Arms Control.
International Prevention Measures.
Counter-Proliferation Efforts.
A Hypothetical War.

III. Conclusion

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