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Jonah Speaks to Nuclear War

Jonah Speaks to Nuclear War:

A new interpretation of the Bible Book of Jonah suggests an alternate solution to the problems posed by nuclear weapons. In this new interpretation, nuclear weapons are best used coercively, to evacuate cities, rather than actually, to bomb cities or other targets. The procedure is to give "fair warning" before bombing, allow the city time to evacuate, and then not bomb the evacuated city. This allows nuclear nations to conduct a nonviolent nuclear war that neither kills people nor destroys property.

Table of Contents:

Synopsis of Story in Jonah.
New Interpretation of Jonah.
Methods of Scriptural Interpretation.
Christian Interpretations of Jonah.
Muslim Accounts of Jonah.
Evacuation versus Repentance.
Human Rights and Capabilities.
Jonah's Attitude.
Appendix A. English-Language Muslim Websites That Tell the Story of Jonah

Full Paper:

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